Ruby on RailsI’ve just released a Social Bookmark plugin for your Ruby on Rails application. It allows you to display bookmark links on your contents for up to 70 social bookmark sites, including Delicious, Diigo, Digg, Facebook, Google Bookmarks, reddit, Slashdot, Stumble Upon… and many more.

Install Social Bookmark Plugin

Installing social Bookmark plugin is very easy. You need to run the usual plugin install command, and Social Bookmark plugin copies everything where it needs to be.

$ ./script/plugin install git://

In your views, add the following:

<%= render_social_bookmarks(link, title) %>

Link is the URL to your content. Title is your content title.

Then, edit your config/sites_EN.xml file to remove the unanted social bookmark services, and restart your Rails application.

Social Bookmark plugin is released under the MIT licence.

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