7el.net:~/Documents/code/typo/trunk$ rake release
(in /Users/neuro/Documents/code/typo/trunk)
Cache swept.
  Successfully built RubyGem
  Name: typo
  Version: 5.0
  File: typo-5.0.gem
78,09s user 16,22s system 2:40,77 total (58% cpu) for `rake release'
7el.net:~/Documents/code/typo/trunk/pkg$ sudo gem install typo-5.0.gem
Updating metadata for 9 gems from http://gems.rubyforge.org
Successfully installed typo-5.0
1 gem installed

7el.net:~/Documents/code/typo/trunk/pkg$ typo install /tmp/youpi
Installing typo 5.0
Checking for existing Typo install in /private/tmp/youpi
Reading files from /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/typo-5.0
Copying 1803 new files into /private/tmp/youpi
 copying rails 2.0.2 to /private/tmp/youpi/vendor/rails/railties
 copying activesupport 2.0.2 to /private/tmp/youpi/vendor/rails/activesupport
 copying activerecord 2.0.2 to /private/tmp/youpi/vendor/rails/activerecord
 copying actionpack 2.0.2 to /private/tmp/youpi/vendor/rails/actionpack
 copying actionmailer 2.0.2 to /private/tmp/youpi/vendor/rails/actionmailer
 Making scripts executable
 Checking database
 Creating initial database
 expanding apache13.conf.example template
 expanding apache20.conf.example template
 expanding lighttpd.conf.example template
 Migrating Typo's database to newest release
 Cleaning out Typo's cache
 Running tests.  This may take a minute or two
 All tests pass.  Congratulations.
 Starting Typo on port 4219

 Typo is now running on http://powerbook.local:4219
 Use 'typo start /private/tmp/youpi' to restart after boot.
 Look in installer/*.conf.example to see how to integrate with your web server.
83,61s user 17,77s system 3:26,70 total (49% cpu) for `typo install youpi'

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