iOS8 background

One of the cool things brought by iOS8 was the ability to send a type of content within an application to another one. It was already possible in the past, but only if the source application implemented the connection to the destination one. iOS8 makes this application agnostic and I love it.

Sending data between apps went down to the operating system level. It provides a generic interface for programmers and a common user interface for handhelds owners. As the founder of MyAwesomeApp, I don’t need to contact MyCoolApp boss anymore if I want his app to connect with mine. Instead, I tell iOS « OK, if there’s a link somewhere, then suggest to send it to MyAwesomeApp ». It’s much better.

I never thought I would say this someday, but Apple’s implementation of a good idea ruined the whole user experience.

Such a feature existed for photos on iOS7. Touching the share button, I was able to send it an an email, or as a message. It would run in the background so I was able to do something else while my phone did its job. It was not perfect as I had no means to know if the message was actually gone.

Anyway. iOS8 did it differently.

Instead of nicely doing its job in the background and push a notification when it’s done or fails, iOS8 does it in the foreground.

They do it in the foreground and they prevent you from accessing your app until it’s done… or timeout.

Yesterday, the network beyond my WIFI was down so I was unable to send my link to Pocket. It took me 3 minutes to be able to access Tweetbot again. 3 damn minutes lost watching that bloody saving icon.

Until the timeout.

So please Apple, can you do your dirty thing in the background and stop ruining my user experience?

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