Farewell Botify

Last night, I’ve said goodbye to my friends and colleagues at Botify. The 14 months adventure is one of the shortest in my career, but certainly not the least.

Every time I leave a company, I try to write down what I want to remember and how it changed me. I did a long post mortem of my 6 years at blueKiwi, this one will be shorter, I promise.

If I had to remember one thing from Botify, it would be the team without hesitation.

Not only did I work with some of the smartest I know (yeah guys, you can touch your nipples now, you’ll see it feels good), but the fact some of them had transverse coding and system skills pushed the dev / ops integration to a level I wish I had experimented sooner. The relationships between the developers whose job is to break things that work, and the ops who try to keep broken things working is not always easy. I was lucky enough to meet people who linked both teams together in a way we were able to make working things that work.

There’s a quote I love, which is about being in the wrong room when you’re the smartest person in the room. I hopefully wasn’t so I got pulled up in many occasions. That’s an experience I hope I’ll repeat in my next venture.

I’m now off for a 2 weeks vacation so I can reset my mind, visit some expos, play tennis, spend time with my kids, spend 1/2 days in London and attend LeWeb. I didn’t take a break between blueKiwi and Botify and this is a mistake I won’t do twice.

I’ll tell you about my new venture in 2 weeks. In the meantime, if you’re in Paris, I’ll be more than happy to share a lunch or a drink, just @ me on Twitter.

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