Mac Donald's automated order

Having young kids, I sometimes take them to Mac Donald’s or Quick to reward for their good marks. I’d prefer to eat at a good French restaurant, but they prefer Mac Donald’s. All their little friends frequently go there, so from my kids point of view, eating at Mac Donald’s looks like a social act: by doing so, they belong to their friends group.

For a few years now, Mac Donald’s and Quick have deployed automated order spots. They may sometimes be missing the latest product or special offer, but it’s OK since you don’t have to take the line and face a grumpy employee anymore (BTW, Quick employees are usually much more friendly than Mac Donald’s, at least in Paris)

If both places offer automated orders, they also provide a radically different customer experience, and Quick’s much pleasant than Mac Donald’s.

At Quick, you can browse the menu, fill in your cart, change your mind, checkout, and then you’re asked to insert your credit card.

At Mac Donald’s, you can’t even browse the menu without inserting your credit card. It seems most people don’t care about that, but from my point of view, it’s a terrible experience. They also come with up to 3 or 4 very annoying, hard to close splash screens trying to sell me things I don’t want to hear about. I don’t think I use automated orders to get more spam than with your regular seller.

The same experience applies with some ATMs. Some of them won’t let you do anything before you enter your code, when the others let you decide what you want, then ask for your code.

The client experience is radically different here. Typing your code at the last moment makes me feel much more secure. I know no one can appear behind me and press a random button, forcing me to withdraw more cash than I wanted just « for the fun », as it often happens in Paris touristic places.

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