Cops and tear gas

Last week, I was having a look at Tweetbot settings. I realized I had an incredible amount of muted people and hashtags. Quickly browsing the growing list, I remembered why I added them. In most case, it was an overload of information about a single topic.

For the past 2 years, I’ve completely stopped reading any newspaper. I don’t watch TV nor listen to the radio. If Twitter did not exist, I would be unaware of most major things that happens in the world.

It’s somehow ironic, as 13 years ago, I was studying in a famous French school where the daily reading of Le Monde was more than mandatory. Le Monde was our Bible, and not reading the news anymore can been seen as a form of apostasy.

Truth is I’ve been slowly building my own brave new world I can watch through the prism of my Twitter timeline.

Relying on Twitter only as a lens to watch the world is certainly stupid. It’s also an interesting experiment.

I’m following a bunch of very smart people from all around the world. They bring me with of important news, both hyperlocal and global. My timeline acts as a filter that stops things not worth being mentioning. It gives me a strange feeling of a petapixel sized picture where I would suddenly zoom to get some insignificant details.

Sometimes, people get passionate about something, like [Marc Andreessen] about Hong Kong, and they start flooding my timeline. I don’t need a constant flow of updated information, and I’ve decided not to process it. I simply mute those people for a while, so I don’t have them intrude my small world anymore.

Maybe I’m just sick of all this pessimism and the world being summarized as a list of bad news.

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