Last night, I was browsing the links I brought from my daily hunt. There were some things I agreed with, and some I deeply disagreed. There were some insightful articles and lot of crap. There were opinions from marketers, developers, ecologists, climate skeptics, capitalists and socialists.

Most of the time, even though they expressed an opinion million miles away from mine, the points of view were worth reading. At some point, I was about to retweet those articles, but something prevented me from doing it.

I didn’t care about them.

I suddenly reminded something a nun told me aeons ago.

God can touch people who like Him, and He can’t touch the heart of people who hate Him. But as almighty as He is, He’s powerless when facing someone who doesn’t care.

What she said a cold night of late December 1999 is the most important thing I’ve ever been told about sales, marketing, management and life in general.

You may have the best advertising campaign, you won’t touch someone who doesn’t care about what you do.

You may have the best sales people in the world, you won’t manage to sell your product to someone who doesn’t care about the problem you solve.

You may have the best team in the world, it will bring you nowhere if they don’t care about where you want to go.

Love or hate, everything is about having people to care about you.

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