Tokyo Horizon

The most common mistake I see in young B2B startups is trying to address both corporate and small / medium business. They’re doing the splits over a hundred meters cliff and don’t understand that.

The discourse is always the same:

We’re targeting the small / medium business but we’ve found a few corporate cash cow, so we’re also investigating that market to keep them.

Before I had worked in two B2B startups, I would probably have agreed. Most of my B2B experience was in small business, and I only had business with tiny corporate departments for a few thousand euros.

If you want to address both corporate and small business, start 2 different companies.

They require a totally different culture, different mindset, different people, different product life cycle, different sales techniques and processes, different go to market strategy and finally different tools and technologies.

The great news is you’ll have to build teams of totally different people, so no recruitment drama between your teams. The bad news, you’ll have to build 2.

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