Jonathan Livingston Seagull

It took me 20 years to understand why I was offered Jonathan Livingston Seagull for Xmas 1991. My parents had been giving me one book every year ever since before I could read, but it was the first time my mother wrote something on the first page.

Xmas 1991. This book and Jonathan look like you.

If I wanted to completely ruin the plot, I’d say Jonathan is a book about a seagull who want to fly.

It’s much more than this.

It was my first book about entrepreneurship and startups. It’s a book about someone who decide to follow his dreams despite everybody around him saying he’s a fool. He focuses on his dream and eventually makes it a reality, inspiring people around him to do the same.

It’s the book every teenager should read if they don’t feel like being like everyone else around them. If you’re a non conformist, it will help you passing those difficult years even though you won’t realize it.

Last week, something happened in my boy’s class. He just had a 17/20 and was given a chance to change his mark for the better or for the worst. His friends told him 17/20 was good enough and he should stop. He didn’t and scored 20/20. After that, his best friend told him:

You were right not to listen to what everybody said. If you do what everybody tells you to do, you’ll become like everybody. Don’t.

Telling me that story with the fear I was about to yell at him for endangering a good mark, he didn’t realize how proud of him I was. He knew it was something important and I can’t wait for him to grow up and read that book.

This book is not only about corporate family kid who starts his own company.

It’s a book about freedom.

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