My self improvement program

Self improvement program? What is it about?

This page is about small personal improvement goals I set to myself. Every week, I setup some small, (not always) easy to achieve targets. The following week, I check what I’ve achieved, and setup new goals. I had the idea after reading a post on Buffer blog and thought it would be both easier and more challenging for me if that page was public.

For now on, I focus on 3 fields:

  • The tech world
  • Improving myself at work (mostly about time, people and things management)
  • Home (includes the kids)

Week 20 2014: May 12-18

Tech: really learn Bash (because there are lots of interesting internals I don’t know yet)

Work: Improve my issue and commit messages description, because people are can’t read my thoughts to know what it’s about.

Home: never leave home without having the dishes washed (it really pisses me off and it usually takes 5 minutes).