Platypus shell

I’ve just release Platypus, a simple and convenient theme for Oh My Zsh I’m using on both my Mac and FreeBSD server along with iTerm2 Solarized theme.

I’ve been using the same ZSH configuration since 2001 and as my favorite shell was evolving, large parts got broken. It also had many stuff dedicated to my school machines which was not useful anymore, obviously.

Last night, I was about to drop everything I needed, fixed what we meant to be fixed. I finally decided I did not want to spend hours on it, considering I did not have them anymore. When I was 18, I used to spend my nights compiling the whole KDE stack and tuning my workstation until I got pleased from the kernel to the window manager shortcuts. I now prefer spending my time exploring more exotic things and use what works out of the box, hence Oh My Zsh.

Why Platypus?

A platypus

Platypuses are cute. Platypuses are cool. Platypuses make great secret agents. Platypuses are awesome killing machines. And platypuses are the final proof God has a sense of humor.

What does Platypus do?

I was playing with the theme, but most of them are too fancy / information overloaded (or simply ugly), so I started to do something that would only display what you really need:

  • your machine short hostname
  • when you’re logged as root
  • your git branch and state
  • return codes when they’re != 0

Platypus is released under the MIT license, feel free to fork and adapt.

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