RSS was something

Yesterday, as I was mourning the time when blogs and RSS were something, Fred Wilson has published a very heart warming post about personal blogging. He notes how Lockhart Steele et Elizabeth Spiers, both pioneers of the NYC personal and business blogging scenes are back to their own weblog.

I can’t agree more with Fred when he says:

There is something about the personal blog,, where you control everything and get to do whatever the hell pleases you. There is something about linking to one of those blogs and then saying something. It’s like having a conversation in public with each other. This is how blogging was in the early days. And this is how blogging is today, if you want it to be.

When I started blogging here at AVC, I would write about everything and anything. Then, slowly but surely, it became all about tech and startups and VC. It is still pretty much that way, but I feel like I’m heading back a bit to the personal blog where I can talk about anything that I care about.

For 15 years, I’ve been considering the personal website, and its heir the blog as the most important thing on the Web. They are the places of both online expressing and being, way deeper than every hosted community whose life come and go with their artificially generated hype.

When these silos decide what their members want to see from their pals for financial purpose, the personal website is the only source of a raw information, close to our human self with its lights and shadows.

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