A great support team

Doing a postmortem analysis of the crisis you’ve faced is not only a great way to understand what happened so it never happens again. It’s also the best way I know to improve crisis response management for the next time.

Because there’s always a next time.

Looking back at all the crises I’ve faced in the past 10 years, what I’ve missed the most to solve them efficiently was an awesome support team.

An awesome support is not (only) the one that answers you Saturday 9:00 PM and replaces your son’s Kindle within 18 hours so he can read during his vacation. An awesome support is also the front line that manages the client crisis side while you’re working.

The awesome support team is product and tech savvy, composed half of people with great empathy and engineers. It removes pressure from the crisis solving team both from the inside and the outside by filtering new tickets, understanding if they’re related to the problem you’re facing or something completely unrelated.

The awesome support team comes with the awesome product, not after it’s released. And as a front line team, it deserves its part of honor after the battle when the medals are given.

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