For a founder, having someone quitting while your company’s still small is never easy. In France, where you may have to work up to 3 months after resigning, it can be even more uncomfortable for both parties.

Unless things really turned bad, the awkward situation where the person leaving is still expected to do the job as usual but not considered as part of the company anymore should not happen. And something quite smart is to ask the quitter to help writing his replacement job description.

It’s even more important in very small companies, as the person leaving is the one knowing the job from the inside.

There’s indeed a risk here. You need to be sure that the person leaving won’t overestimate his qualification and look for someone oversized and overpaid.

You can even go further, and add his own way of describing his daily work to the formal job description. Because most of them are similar, and you need to be authentic to get out of the crowd.

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